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Why Apparity?

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Apparity’s Discovery, Registration, and Active Management modules allow for full control of each facet of a comprehensive end user computing management policy. While the modules can operate independently for organizations seeking to address a singular need, the modules also seamlessly integrate with one another when used together.

Why Apparity Spreadsheet Management

With Apparity, a file detected using Discovery can be moved to Registration with a click of a button in the Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS). Files under Active Management automatically populate the AIMS Managed/Registered inventory for a complete look into the EUC environment. The connectivity between modules saves time and enhances user experience. Apparity provides a single unified view of EUCs at all stages.

Multiple User Roles

EUC management policies must consider a number of user roles such as owners, approvers/ managers, department heads, compliance officers and auditors.

Apparity is designed to provide value for each of these unique types of users and the goals they aim to achieve. Owners and approvers/ managers, who are more connected to the EUC files’ regular use, are given user tools such as Excel Version History Tools, and Integrity Check to make EUC files more accurate and management more convenient.

Reports and inventory details can be reviewed by designated department heads to give insight into EUC usage within the department. Compliance officers and auditors gain full insight of the EUC landscape, allowing them to make informed decisions about the scope and strength of EUC policy fulfillment.

Enterprise GRC Integration

Apparity’s GRC Integration Bridge makes it easy to integrate EUC governance with the enterprise- grade Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) systems, such as RSA Archer, IBM Open Pages, and so on.

Integration Bridge updates any GRC application with the data, key events and controls required to manage residual EUC risk.

EUC Policy Configuration

An organization’s EUC policy and company structure have a significant impact on how they will incorporate a technology to address EUC risk management. Apparity’s Professional Services Team dedicates time at the beginning of the project to understand the policy, goals, and success criteria for optimal configuration against customer requirements.

End User Benefits

Apparity goes beyond a basic compliance tool intended to satisfy the needs of regulators and auditors. End users get their own set of handy tools.

This toolkit allows users to maintain complex spreadsheets with ease and confidence.

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Customer Satisfaction is Priority #1

Our customers have rewarded Apparity a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 67 for 2020. For a second consecutive year, customers have rated their satisfaction with Apparity well above the industry average.

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Implementing the Apparity solution helped us meet a regulatory requirement around EUC governance. Beyond that, Apparity has helped the program become more streamlined and has helped us implement more robust spreadsheet controls. Additionally, the Apparity team has provided exceptional customer service that has been essential to enterprise-wide adoption of a new software solution and the associated program and culture changes.

Senior Enterprise Risk Analyst, Government-Sponsored Bank

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