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EUC Data Governance Software

Apparity's data governance platform provides oversight and controls over the entire lifecycle of end user computing (EUC) applications.

End User Application Governance

Do you know if your end user computing (EUC) applications are error free? Do you know where all your spreadsheets are? Who is using them and if they present risk?

If you do know the answers to all these questions, then you are doing well. Most organizations don’t have a plan to find and track the EUCs that can get them into trouble.

So, how do you stay out of trouble?

The answer is simple. Apparity’s EUC data governance platform is built to find every end user application you use and then tell you what you should do. Should you put it in an inventory? Does it need controls or can it be safely ignored?

Keeping your company safe from costly mistakes is never easy, but Apparity was built to help you do just that.

Apparity is easy to use for both managers and users. From the moment you first build your spreadsheet, to every time it is used and changed, Apparity will let you know when you have a problem. With Apparity your EUCs are safe, secure and tracked.

Get peace of mind knowing your high-risk EUCs are always discovered, placed in an inventory and tracked for changes.

Discovery Module


Everyone knows that spreadsheets and other EUCs play a major role in business. And yet, many don’t know what actually exists in their network or even how these files are used.

The Apparity’s Discovery module takes care of this problem. It provides you with a powerful scanning tool that can inventory complete file environments. Once you understand what’s out there, you can start manage your files.

IT Risk Management Software - Registration Module

Active Capture

The most critical business processes are often recurring or cyclical. These processes— such as regulatory reporting or financial close cycles, are often supported by spreadsheets. This makes them highly likely to fall under a company’s EUC governance program.

By leveraging file usage patterns, Active Capture can detect your organization’s most critical spreadsheets and increase the accuracy of EUC identification.

IT Risk Management Software - Registration Module


Registration module helps businesses take control of their most critical EUCs. With Registration, users assess end user applications by logging and retaining important file and usage data. This assessment ensures that your most sensitive files are properly classified and require additional controls.

IT Risk Management Software - Active Management Module

Active Management

Once critical EUCs are identified and registered, they can be placed in Active Management for enhanced controls. Active Management provides a high level of controls and process automation. It also has tools to help increase productivity in popular applications, while ensuring the files are always aligned with company policy.

Central EUC Inventory

With other risk management software, inventory management is a siloed function in which discovery data has to be manually imported into inventory. Unlike competitors, Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) is integrated into our entire product suite and provides the ability to manage all your spreadsheet and EUC inventory regardless of stage (discovered, registered, managed).

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