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Model Map Explorer (MME)

Understanding how files are connected is incredibly important. Model Map Explorer shows how all of your files are connected through an interactive visual model.

Model Map Explorer - Dependency Map

Visual Dependencies Map

Apparity’s Model Map Explorer displays all of a spreadsheet’s inbound and outbound connections through a dynamic model. This feature works with the Apparity Discovery Module to identify and display connections between files. While the Discovery identifies the number of external links associated with each scanned file, this feature goes further. It visually charts the connections in an interactive interface that’s easy to use and customize. The design of this feature allows an organization to identify end user computing (EUC) application networks and chart data sprawl. As a result, it gives organizations more accuracy when assessing EUC risk.

MME End User Benefits

While very useful for compliance teams, this tool is also incredibly beneficial for end users. The mapping functionality is able to clearly show all file dependencies. This gives the user better insight into how the file functions within a larger framework. Furthermore, this information helps a user understand the impact of changing a single file. Since the identification of file connectivity serves many purposes, this tool is useful to many types of users. For example, it will help the file owner understand the implications of a structural change to the manager who needs to understand how data flows within an organization.

Model Map Explorer - Complex Structural Dependencies