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Spreadsheet Controls- Excel Change Management

Apparity offers spreadsheet controls and spreadsheet change management tools for end users, which include excel version history, version rollback, version export, side by side change tracking, spreadsheet workflow automation, and error identification.

A Toolkit for You

Apparity provides innovative compliance tools intended to satisfy the needs of regulators and auditors. Apparity also provides productivity tools to help maintain and control complex spreadsheets with ease and confidence.

Version History

Version History

Users can easily access a spreadsheet’s version history. View the version history in chronological order along with custom comments entered by the modifier, and review and approval statuses of a file.

Version Rollback

Version Revert

Modify your spreadsheet with peace of mind, knowing that you can easily revert to a previous version. Eliminate the need to manually create temporary copies, reducing the amount of redundant files and any confusion finding the right version of a file.

Version Export

Historical Version Export

A time machine just for spreadsheets— export a historical version of the file for use at any time without explicitly having to store a copy of the file.

Change Tracking

Change Tracking

Analyze differences between various versions or copies of a spreadsheet.

Apparity’s Change Comparison tool shows changes side by side or in a redline format, providing contextual visuals on how the file was modified. Another tool, In-session Compare, allows you to easily look at changes made during a current session.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Don’t rely on emails to collaborate and review spreadsheets.

Apparity’s review and approval workflow automates spreadsheet review cycles. In addition, review requests and approvals are recorded in the version history for audit. Built-in email notifications make the workflow transparent and informative.

Error Identification

Error Identification

Excel spreadsheets can become complex applications and mistakes that are not identified early can be costly to fix.

Apparity’s Integrity Check tool allows you to check for common formula and data errors at any time. Integrity Check can be used in all stages of the spreadsheet lifecycle— from design to maintenance.

See Spreadsheet Controls in Action

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