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Access Database Controls

Apparity’s Active Management module can monitor Access databases while providing version, access, and change controls.

Apparity Active Management

After identifying critical EUCs, ensure you place robust controls over them. Apparity’s Active Management module includes change management and version history controls for Access databases. With this module, your most sensitive databases will be controlled, consistently monitored and closely aligned with company policy.

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Access Database Management

Active Management maintains version, access, and change controls in a way that’s easy and beneficial for end users while reducing the inherent risk found in Access DB’s. When an Access database is placed under Active Management, it will detect and record any new changes.

Two types of recorded changes, schema and non-schema, are recorded. Schema changes are structural in nature and usually include changes to tables and queries. In contrast, non-schema changes tend to be data-centric (altering data, VBA, modules, reports, forms, etc.).

Access Database Management EUC Software Screenshot

No Separate Add-ons

Access database controls are managed out of the Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS), so it doesn’t require an additional add-in. There you can register, onboard, manage change controls and keep an accurate inventory of all your Access databases.

See Access DB Controls in Action

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