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Browse EUC resources — videos, blog, and documents to learn about controlling the risk of spreadsheets and end user computing applications. If you’re ready for more, explore our other resources like third-party market research analysis, scheduling a demo, or starting a free trial of the Apparity platform.

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Become an expert on spreadsheet and end user computing risk by going through our videos, blog, and documents produced by Apparity’s thought leaders.

EUC Resources - Videos


Get started with our 5 minute videos for a high-level view of the problems spreadsheets and end-user computing applications cause for organizations. Then take a deep dive into the world of EUC risk management with our extensive webinars.

EUC Resources - Blog


Read the latest news & insights from Apparity’s spreadsheet EUC risk management experts and learn how to protect your organization from becoming another horror story.

EUC Resources - Documents


Learn about end-user computing risk mitigation by reading our spreadsheet & end-user computing risk documents— white papers, case studies and best practice guides.

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Are you up to speed? See how Apparity stacks up against the competition by downloading an independent market analysis, signing up for a demo, or going straight for a free trial of our software.

Marketing Analyst Report

Bloor Research recognizes Apparity as the market Leader in EUC Management Software based on scale, number of customers and innovation. See why Bloor Research rated Apparity the highest among 8 key players.

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Schedule a demo of the Apparity Software Platform for identification, organization and management of risk-prone spreadsheets and end user computing (EUC) applications.

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Test drive Apparity Spreadsheet EUC Management Platform with your organization’s spreadsheets and end-user computing applications.


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