Apparity EUC Data Governance

Apparity helps efficiently manage EUC risk in one powerful platform

Solution of the Year

Apparity named InsuranceERM’s 2023 EUC Risk Management Solution of the Year

Apparity End User Data Governance Platform

Apparity helps efficiently manage end user computing (EUC) risk in one powerful platform backed by phenomenal customer support.

Apparity is designed to reliably identify, inventory, assess and control the end user applications that support your most critical business processes. This includes spreadsheets, models, databases, programming language scripts, BI tools and more.

Discovery Module


Scan to discover all your EUCs.

Registration Module

Active Capture

Detect EUCs at point-of-use.

Registration Module


Assess and inventory your EUCs.

Active Management Module

Active Management

Manage and control your EUCs.

Featured Industry Solutions


The global banking industry uses spreadsheets and other end user computing (EUC) applications more than any other industry.



The global banking industry uses spreadsheets and other end user computing (EUC) applications more than any other industry.

Insurance Umbrella


Spreadsheet risk is especially high in the insurance industry due to Excel’s ubiquity and role in supporting operationally critical business processes.

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Featured Customers

Customer Satisfaction is Priority #1

Our customers have rewarded Apparity a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 60 for 2022. For the fourth consecutive year, customers have rated their satisfaction with Apparity well above the industry average.

Apparity is helping us address our EUC risk program and ongoing change monitoring efforts. From a change management perspective we have a much more robust EUC risk management program and have a better understanding of our more complex EUCs that are relied upon accross the enterprise that did not have this level of monitoring in place in the past and in some cases were very eye opening to the business themselves.


Apparity is a leader in Data Governance on G2

Apparity Reviews & Ratings

Apparity continues to earn the High Performer award in the Data Governance software category, based on user reviews and product scale.

IERM Award

Apparity named InsuranceERM’s 2023 End User Computing Risk Management Solution of the Year.

Bloor-Gold-Award- 2022

Bloor Research, an independent research firm, presented Apparity a Gold Mutable Award. Learn how Apparity performed in today’s market across 13 key metrics.


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Apparity is part of NetRoadshow, the premier digital roadshow provider to the investment banking community. Since 1997, global financial services firms, including most of the bulge bracket banks in Wall Street, Europe, and Asia, have relied on NetRoadshow to enable their IPOs, high-yield debt deals, pre-deal research distribution and more. The relationship with NetRoadshow provides Apparity a foundation of:

  • Industry, technical & compliance expertise
  • Ethos of customer service excellence
  • Organizational stability

These traits enable Apparity to provide stable, long-term solutions to the most prudent organizations.