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What is End User Computing?

EUCs are everywhere, whether you know it or not

Regulatory Compliance

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The Apparity Spreadsheet Risk Management Platform

Apparity is the smartest platform for banks and insurers looking to efficiently manage their spreadsheet risk. Apparity is designed to securely discover, inventory, control and automate all the key events during the lifecycle of mission critical end user computing (EUC) applications such as financial spreadsheets, databases, scripts, and more.

Discovery Module

Discovery Module

Get a complete view of your total EUC population and answer the crucial question, “What’s out there?”

Registration Module

Registration Module

Take control of your most important spreadsheets and other EUCs with proven and consistent file monitoring.

Active Management Module

Active Management Module

Take care of risk-prone EUCs, while empowering your end users to get their job done.

Industry Solutions


The global banking industry uses spreadsheets and other end user computing (EUC) applications more than any other industry.

Insurance Umbrella


Spreadsheet risk is especially high in the insurance industry due to Excel’s ubiquity and role in supporting operationally critical business processes.

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Quick Launch an EUC Program & Unburden IT

Quick Launch an EUC Program & Unburden IT

You’ve been given the daunting task of setting up your organization’s end user computing (EUC) application policy. After much research, you’ve painstakingly crafted the EUC policy, revising your draft twenty-odd times. You’ve also: Defined internal processes for...

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OCC Guidance on Model Risk Management 2021

OCC Guidance on Model Risk Management 2021

On August 18th, 2021, The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) published the latest guidance to bank examiners in the Comptroller’s Handbook booklet, "Model Risk Management". The handbook outlines what bank examiners should be focused on when scrutinizing...

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Building a Spreadsheet Risk Assessment Model

Building a Spreadsheet Risk Assessment Model

Creating a spreadsheet risk assessment model is one of the key components in establishing a successful spreadsheet remediation program. The risk assessment model must encompass all aspects of risk that spreadsheets present to an organization. Read on to learn how to...

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Our Valued Customers

Customer Satisfaction is Priority #1

Our customers have rewarded Apparity a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 67 for 2020. For a second consecutive year, customers have rated their satisfaction with Apparity well above the industry average.

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Implementing the Apparity solution helped us meet a regulatory requirement around EUC governance. Beyond that, Apparity has helped the program become more streamlined and has helped us implement more robust spreadsheet controls. Additionally, the Apparity team has provided exceptional customer service that has been essential to enterprise-wide adoption of a new software solution and the associated program and culture changes.

Senior Enterprise Risk Analyst, Government-Sponsored Bank

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