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Active Capture Module – EUC Identification

Apparity’s Active Capture module detects EUCs at point-of-use, providing the most accurate approach to EUC identification.

A New Way to Identify EUCs at Point of Use

To have a successful end user computing (EUC) governance program, all end user applications in your environment must be identified.

Setting up discovery scans is a great approach to finding EUC applications at scale. However, we realized augmenting this process by engaging users at point of use would help address concerns like:

Am I missing a scan location?

How do I ensure we’re aware of all EUCs in use if there are gaps in the scanning process?

How can I get a user to identify an EUC while they’re using it?

Meet Active Capture— our latest innovation in EUC identification that can help you:

Accuracy icon
Increase the accuracy of EUC identification
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Standardize the assessment process across business units
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Point of Use
Engage users in EUC identification while they are using their files
Active Capture, when used with Discovery scanning, provides the most comprehensive approach to EUC identification to date.

Usage Data- Increase the Accuracy of EUC Identification

Who is using the file?

How many people are using the file?

How frequently is it being used?

The most critical business processes are often recurring or cyclical. These processes— such as regulatory reporting or financial close cycles, are often supported by spreadsheets. This makes them highly likely to fall under a company’s EUC governance program.

By leveraging file usage patterns, Active Capture can detect your organization’s most critical spreadsheets and increase the accuracy of EUC identification.

Centralized Parameters- Standardize EUC Identification

Like Discovery scanning, Active Capture can be configured centrally at the organization level. Customizing Active Capture parameters can help reduce noise and false positives. For example, Active Capture can be configured to ignore spreadsheets without formulas/processing components or those saved on local drives.

With centralized parameters, there’s no need for your Excel users to set up or configure anything. They can continue working within their spreadsheets until Active Capture flags the file for assessment.

Decentralized Policy Assessment

Requesting users to identify their EUCs can be challenging. Active Capture prompts the user while they are in Excel to assess the spreadsheet.

Users can complete the assessment in-app, making the process fast, streamlined and convenient.

This decentralized approach streamlines the assessment process, allowing it to be completed quickly and efficiently within Excel. Users don’t have to open another system or website to log their assessment—helping them to stay on-task.

After the assessment is complete, the assessment record is centrally retained, visible to the EUC team.

Active Capture Assessment
Active Capture Edit Assessment

See Active Capture in Action

Schedule a demo to see our comprehensive EUC identification approach in action.