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Spreadsheet EUC Management Free Trial

Test drive Apparity Spreadsheet EUC Management Platform with your organization’s spreadsheets and other end user computing applications.

Apparity Spreadsheet EUC Management Overview

Apparity is a platform with integrated data management services, which serve as the base for the three Apparity modules: Discovery, Registration and Active Management. The common platform offers efficient integration between the modules to unify the events in EUC lifecycle. This allows an organization to easily identify, assess, register and manage a single file without changing applications or entering duplicate information.

End User Benefits

Apparity goes beyond a basic compliance tool intended to satisfy the needs of regulators and auditors by providing its end users with their own set of handy tools. This toolkit supercharges Excel allowing end users to maintain complex spreadsheets with ease and confidence. End user benefits include:

  • Version History
  • Rollback
  • Historical Version Export
  • Change Tracking
  • Automated Workflow
  • Error Identification
  • Learn More
Spreadsheet EUC Management Free Trial - End User Benefits

Free Trial Sign-Up

Please enter the information below for the Apparity Spreadsheet EUC Management Free Trial and we will reply to your request within 24 hours. We will ensure that the trial is tailored to the specific problems you are trying to address.