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EUC Controls

End user computing (EUC) controls fall outside the realm of traditional application risk management, leaving organizations vulnerable to noncompliance.

Control Your EUCs Before They Control You

The ability for your organization to manage risk will allow you to act more confidently on future business decisions. However, to manage the risks, you must first identify them. End user computing (EUC) applications pose a unique risk to organizations because they fall outside of the realm of traditional application risk management controls. As a result, they often go unnoticed, steadily creeping into and playing an important role in your critical business processes.

The flexibility, rapid development and ease of deployment that makes EUCs so appealing can also lead to them being difficult to manage and control. Failure to properly control these EUCs in your environment can lead to:

  1. Regulatory and compliance violations
  2. Misstated financial statements
  3. Higher risk of fraud
  4. Loss of time due to rework
EUC Controls - Apparity Platform

Find the Right Help

Effective EUC management programs comprise elements of governance, process, people and technology. Each of these elements should be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. Without the support of the proper technology, any organization attempting to put controls over their EUCs will experience challenges with enforcing and monitoring compliance.

The Apparity Advantage

Apparity makes it easier for end users to adhere to the policies by automating the controls that make up the foundation of any successful EUC management program: Version Control, Change Management Control and Access Control. Compliance to the EUC management program and controls can then be monitored over time through reports to ensure the integrity of those EUCs that are being used for key processes.

EUCs empower your employees to rapidly adapt to changes and quickly make critical decisions. One mistake can have financial, reputational and/or operational consequences. With Apparity, your organization can confidently harness the skills of your employees and the power of EUCs.