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Utilities Industry- Spreadsheet EUC Governance and Controls

Turn your spreadsheet and end user computing (EUC) problems into possibilities with Apparity!

Investor-Owned Utilities

In the utilities industry, companies rely heavily on spreadsheets and other EUCs to accomplish daily tasks. Usually, they are used for financial reporting, energy trading, and daily operations. This is also a heavily regulated industry, so that creates another sense of care when it comes to managing data and critical files. Best practice suggests using a policy and tool that effectively set internal controls as a way to ensure compliance and accuracy on every level.

EUC Utilities Sector

Apparity Impact

When it comes to scaling to the needs of utility companies, Apparity is the only Excel Governance & Controls platform that can get the job done. In fact, it’s readily adaptable to the needs of the utilities industry. Our product suite includes a variety of modules that follow the life cycle of spreadsheets and other EUCs. From discovering files to risk assessment, inventory management, change management controls, and analytics and reporting, only Apparity can help you build a culture of compliance, while empowering end users.