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About Apparity

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Compliance with value-added efficiency

Our goal is simple: compliance with value-added efficiency.

Apparity’s software monitors and assists with every event that occurs during the life cycle of spreadsheets and other critical end user computing (EUC) applications. Created for compliance teams and end users, Apparity is designed to never interfere with an application’s content or user experience. Instead, it provides a simple and accurate view into access, version, and change management control.

Our software platform adds enterprise-wide visibility by offering a complete audit of all EUC activity. How do we do this? It’s simple. With accurate file tracking and version control, you’ll be able to effectively manage your EUC inventory and ensure regulatory compliance. After implementation, end users will benefit from enhanced collaboration and increased process automation.

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About EUCs
Learn about EUCs

EUC controls fall outside the realm of traditional application risk management, leaving organizations vulnerable to noncompliance.

Spreadsheet Risk
Spreadsheet Risk

Apparity is the only EUC Governance and Controls platform that can deliver active risk management for your most critical spreadsheets.

EUCs Inventory Management
EUC Inventory

The Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) allows an organization to view, manage, and export the entire EUC inventory as needed.

SOX Compliance

EUC & spreadsheet-heavy processes are often overlooked and present significant risks and costs to SOX compliance efforts.

About EUC Policies
EUC Policy

Organizations  that are implementing an EUC policy for the first time need expert knowledge and the right tools to ensure success. That’s where we come in. 

"“The tool provides the best, non-invasive, approach to understanding change in our User Developed Applications. It allows us to continue being nimble and still meet our goals for managing the risk in these tools."
– VP, Asset Management Risk, Multinational Financial Services Corporation
“Implementing the Apparity solution helped us meet a regulatory requirement around EUC governance. Beyond that, Apparity has helped the program become more streamlined and has helped us implement more robust spreadsheet controls. Additionally, the Apparity team has provided exceptional customer service that has been essential to enterprise-wide adoption of a new software solution and the associated program and culture changes.”
– Senior Enterprise Risk Analyst, Government-Sponsored Bank
“Apparity staff has gone above and beyond the industry standard in terms of project implementation/management, go-live, and post-live support.”
– Senior eGRC Technical Analyst, National Financial Services Institution
“We have had excellent support throughout the life of the project. The team has been instrumental in assisting with troubleshooting as issues arise.”
– Project Manager, Financial Planning Company

Discovery Module

Apparity’s Discovery Module gives an organization unparalleled insight into its EUC environment. It scans the known and unknown realms of your network, then it identifies potentially critical files. After using Discovery, you’ll be able to answer the question, “What’s out there?”

Registration Module

When an organization is tasked with managing their file environment, it needs the proper tools to review and document information about EUCs. That’s where Apparity’s Registration module comes in. This feature is designed to optimize file management for your most critical spreadsheets through a secure and vetted process.

Active Management Module

The Active Management module helps organizations apply automated controls to risk-prone spreadsheets and other EUCs with minimal effort. Thanks to proven efficiency and process automation, end users’ daily tasks are made simpler and always align with company policy.

About Apparity Platform

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