Insurance – Spreadsheet EUC Governance and Controls

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Healthcare Insurance

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, it changed the world of healthcare and insurance. One of the major shifts is that healthcare finance teams must provide transparency and evidence of an internal control framework. In the past, they relied heavily on manual interventions for their business processes. However, this method is very prone to errors, and it lacks the audit history that regulators require. Best practice suggests a different approach – one that is enterprise-wide and holistic. This approach would have controls over access/security, back-ups/recovery, and retention/archiving. For more critical spreadsheets, this would be taken a step further. In those cases, a policy would need to incorporate controls over development, documentation, and modifications.

Healthcare Insurance EUC Controls

Apparity Impact

When it comes to scaling to the needs of insurance organizations, Apparity is the only Excel Governance & Controls platform that can get the job done. It is readily adaptable to the needs and changing nature of the insurance industry. Our product suite includes an array of modules that follow the life cycle of spreadsheets and other EUC (End User Computing) applications. From discovering files to risk assessment, inventory management, change management controls, and analytics and reporting, only Apparity can help you build a culture of compliance, while empowering end users.