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Become an Apparity Partner

Partner with Apparity to help your clients identify, remediate, control & retire end user applications.

Why choose Apparity?

Apparity’s best-of-breed EUC risk management solution is used by the world’s most demanding organizations. Our platform is used to identify and manage the risks associated with business users developing their own applications. These are often based on Excel spreadsheets, but can include many other file types including Python, R, Matlab, and others.

Importantly, regulators and auditors are increasingly aware of the risks these unmanaged applications pose to the health of an organization. A typical Fortune 500 company can have millions of spreadsheets scattered across the globe. Which spreadsheets are the most important? Which need to be replaced, removed, deleted, and perhaps, kept and enhanced?

Consulting organizations and solution providers know this is a huge opportunity in a growing space.

Partner with Apparity
Spreadsheet inventory


The Apparity platform helps identify, build, and maintain a comprehensive and accurate inventory.

Partner benefit

This inventory will be large, often ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of EUCs. This inventory needs to be data mined in an effort to find EUCs and spreadsheets that need remediation, replacement, or retirement. The support needed here could provide years of work for partners.

Spreadsheet Remediation


Apparity systematically assess each flagged spreadsheet, identifying weaknesses and errors. Our Active Management Module ensures the spreadsheet is used correctly in the future, and that no unexpected changes are introduced.

Partner benefit

Some EUCs may be retained for various reasons. They may be too complex, too small, or too interconnected to replace. However, they need auditing to ensure they are working correctly. Apparity’s platform includes the perfect tools to help with this effort.

Once remediated, a spreadsheet can be seamlessly monitored to ensure users don’t change them in an unexpected manner. This ensures that the “managed” spreadsheet is robust and working as intended.

Spreadsheet replacement


Identify links and data connections to other files to expose an entire process supported by a spreadsheet.

Partner benefit

Replacing spreadsheets is rarely a one-file task. These applications are often a “cog on the wheel” i.e. part of a larger process. Replacement requires analysis of an entire process. Apparity’s software can map links and connections, providing insight into the complexity.

An unmanaged spreadsheet can be replaced with one designed, built, and supported by an Apparity partner. In which case, Apparity can track changes to the replacement spreadsheet application to improve the partner’s development and customer support.

Spreadsheet retirement


Are retired spreadsheets being reused? Apparity can monitor and ensure users aren’t breaking the rules.

Partner benefit

Apparity’s patented software includes the unique ability to track spreadsheets even if their names change. Files that should have been retired can be reidentified if users start to use copies of old spreadsheets.

Apparity can help scale your ability to help clients identify and remediate their use of unmanaged user developed applications.

Unparalleled support

The Apparity platform is backed by a team that prioritizes customer satisfaction. This same drive to delight customers is directed to our partners, too.

Our customers have rewarded Apparity a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 60 for 2022. For a fourth consecutive year, customers have rated their satisfaction with Apparity well above the industry average.

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