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About Apparity Cloud

These days, it’s all about the cloud. The ease of maintenance, scalability, and predictability of cloud-based infrastructure and services have enticed even the most bureaucratic of organizations to make the jump from enterprise on-premises to cloud.

Here at Apparity, we are thrilled to join the ranks of SaaS providers with our all-new Apparity Cloud offering. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Apparity Cloud was built to meet more than just your EUC needs.

Create an Inventory of Anything (IoA) comprised of EUCs, data products, models (MRM) and more. Go beyond a simple inventory by incorporating risk assessment, controls documentation and workflows. Capture more accurate information by drilling into granular file details from the main inventory.

Along with our robust inventory, Apparity Cloud gives you the ability to run Discovery scans with our downloadable Desktop Discovery Agent. Leverage your credentials to scan shared drives that will populate your inventory. Once inventoried, risk assessment will determine if files fall within the scope of your policy.

Organizations of all sizes will realize value with less IT overhead, faster implementation, and greater file inventory flexibility.

Flexible EUC Inventory All File Types - Image
Image illustrating flexible inventory

Flexible Inventory

Inventory anything from spreadsheets that support financial reporting to models controlled for Model Risk Management programs. Apparity Cloud’s flexible inventory provides a central vault for it all.

Desktop Discovery Agent illustration

Desktop Discovery Agent

No need to stay in the dark – Discovery can show you exactly what your organization is working with. Download our intelligent Desktop Discovery Agent and start scanning shared drives for relevant files. Set scan parameters and populate your inventory for risk and scope assessments.

Spreadsheet Remediation

Self-Service Configuration & Implementation

Quickly launch a data governance program without a resource heavy implementation process.

Spreadsheet replacement

Seamless Upgrades

Receive the latest updates automatically without needing to involve the IT department.

Spreadsheet retirement

Enterprise DNA

Apparity Cloud was built from the ground up using the best traits from Apparity’s innovative enterprise risk management platform.

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