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Active Management Module

Apparity’s Active Management module helps organizations take care of risk-prone spreadsheets and other EUC (End User Computing) applications, while empowering end users to get their job done.

Organizations have an important need for a tool that combats the risk associated with critical spreadsheets and other EUCs. More importantly, this tool must empower the end users with their daily tasks. Apparity fulfills this need by providing the Active Management module.

Thanks to a seamless integration, the Active Management module can be used with the Registration and Discovery modules. More specifically, Active Management is designed for files that require an additional amount of controls. Once an EUC is placed under Active Management, Apparity keeps a detailed version history of the file by recording all significant changes that take place. These changes can then be submitted to an approver through an automated change approval workflow. Apparity offers the following features within Active Management:

Change Management Control

Apparity works behind the scenes to capture all changes that are made to a spreadsheet. Integrated seamlessly with version and access control functionality, Apparity provides the ability to compare any two versions of a spreadsheet to immediately see what changes have been made to the spreadsheet and who made them.

Apparity’s ‘filter noise’ functionality is combined with company-specific change log configuration to ensure users focus their review on significant spreadsheet changes, as defined by company policy.

Out-of-the-box workflow cycles based on company policy and roles/responsibilities allow users to collaborate on key file changes and provide sign-off that changes have been reviewed and approved, if necessary.

Reporting Insights

The Apparity Reporting Insights Dashboard gives detailed reports through an intuitive web interface. Managers, auditors, and internal controllers can access real-time information about their files. This includes controls relating to access, versioning, and change management.

Excel Version History Tools

The Excel Version History is a powerful feature within the Active Management module. In addition to review workflows, it provides a number of useful tools for end users. It captures standard change information (date, time, user information) and also allows custom commentary for each modification.

Secondly, it has a quick export feature that gives historical versions for reporting, evidence, and distribution purposes. Thirdly, it offers the ability to go back to a previous version in case there’s an error. Lastly, Version History gives the users the ability to perform an “in-session compare,” so that they can easily analyze their work.

Integrity Check

Apparity offers a helpful tool that analyzes potential errors within a spreadsheet. Integrity Check finds Excel errors in the file (like null values, cell errors, inconsistent formulas). Then, it gives a complete list with a meaningful error breakdown that allows users to correct these mistakes.

Spreadsheet EUC Active Management - Integrity Check Tool

Inventory Management

With other risk management software, inventory management is a siloed function in which discovery data has to be manually imported into inventory. Unlike competitors, Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) is integrated into our entire product suite and provides the ability to manage all your spreadsheet and EUC inventory regardless of stage (discovered, registered, managed).