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Apparity’s Excel Spreadsheet Management allows an organization to continuously monitor spreadsheet usage patterns as well as the content/functionality changes at the workbook, worksheet and cell levels, mitigating the operational and financial risks presented by complex spreadsheets.

Excel Spreadsheet Management Features

Once a spreadsheet is placed under active management, Apparity uses its patented “fingerprinting” process to ensure the file is protected at all times and will continue to do so regardless of file movement or rename.

Excel Version History 1
Excel Version History 2

Version Controls

Apparity retains a robust Version History of files placed under management, retaining detailed information about file modifiers, the date/time of modifications and any user-provided commentary aligning to particular modifications. The Version History pane is a powerful user tool that can be leveraged to perform certain actions on particular modifications – like restoring the file to an older modification or exporting a particular version for auditors – all the while providing the secure oversight required of certain end user computing (EUC) applications.

Change Management

Apparity managed files are considered protected at all times, and users can be assured that all content changes are tracked while critical business processes are supported and optimized. Users are able to generate a change log displaying all changes between two versions of a file, including changes that occur at the workbook level, worksheet level and cell level. Change logs can be used to initiate an approval workflow, ensuring significant changes are being captured, reviewed and approved according to policy.

Excel Spreadsheet Management - Change Log