Spreadsheet EUC Discovery Module

Apparity’s Spreadsheet EUC Discovery Module gives you a complete view into your End User Computing Applications (EUCAs). After using Discovery, you’ll be able to answer the crucial question, “What’s out there?”

What’s out there?

Organizations rely heavily on spreadsheets and other EUCAs everyday. However, many are unaware of important files that exist in their environment. What’s lurking in the unknown puts your organization at risk for costly mistakes. Apparity’s Spreadsheet EUC Discovery Module solves this problem by scanning an organization’s file storage locations. Then it provides a full list of files with key details captured during the scan. After having a complete understanding of your environment, you will take control of your files before they take control of you.

Apparity Spreadsheet EUC Discovery Module

Discovery Module Related Features

Connection Explorer

Using data from Discovery, Apparity’s Connection Explorer goes further by visually charting the file connections in a dynamic interface. It’s easy to use and a powerful tool for end users.

As the Discovery module scans an environment, the results are automatically placed into the Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS). The files are then grouped by an algorithm that can detect when files are copies of a single application. This allows an organization to review an application as a whole, rather than reviewing multiple file versions separately. The Connection Explorer also comes in handy when reviewing thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of files. Additionally, it provides filtering and sorting tools that allow you to find EUCAs that require further assessment.

Spreadsheet EUC Discovery Module - Structural Complexity

Configurable Spreadsheet Complexity Rating

The Structural Complexity rating is assigned to Discovered files, and it’s completely unique to your organization’s needs.  Apparity is able to take any of the file attributes from Discovery and add them to this customized algorithm. Then, the files are separated into high, medium and low structural complexity.

There are many proven benefits to this feature. For example, some organizations use Structural Complexity to determine the level of EUCA controls required. While others use it to determine which files should be transferred to IT or specific EUCA teams. Some also use Structural Complexity as one component of qualitative risk assessment.

Discovery Module – Data Integration

Today, businesses rely heavily on data analytics and business intelligence to make better sense of raw data in a personalized way. With that in mind, Apparity provides several ways to export or access Discovery data in your own custom applications, business intelligence tools, and other enterprise applications.

Spreadsheet EUC Discovery Module - Data Export & Integration

Inventory Management

With other risk management software, inventory management is a siloed function in which discovery data has to be manually imported into inventory. Unlike competitors, Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) is integrated into our entire product suite and provides the ability to manage all your spreadsheet and EUC inventory regardless of stage (discovered, registered, managed).

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