Understanding how files are linked is incredibly important from both a maintenance and data sprawl perspective. The Connection Explorer shows the interconnectedness of the files in your environment with an interactive visual display.

Apparity’s Connection Explorer provides users with a dynamic graphical representation of inbound and outbound connections within a file. This feature works in tandem with Discovery to identify and display interconnectedness, thus helping map dependencies. While Discovery alone identifies the number of external links associated with each scanned file, Connection Explorer goes further to visually chart interconnectivity in an interactive interface. The design of this feature allows an organization to identify EUCA networks and chart data sprawl.


Connection Explorer is not only useful for those assessing the EUCA space, it is incredibly beneficial for file “owners” responsible for maintaining a file. The mapping functionality is able to clearly show upstream and downstream dependencies, which gives the user better insight into how the file functions within a larger process. Furthermore, this information helps a user understand the ripple effect of changing a singular file. Since the identification of file connectivity serves many purposes, Connection Explorer is useful to many types of user – from the individual file user considering the implications of a structural change as well as managers looking to understand how data and information flows throughout the organization. 

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