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Get started with our 5 minute videos for a high-level view of the problems spreadsheets and end user computing applications cause for organizations and how you can avoid them. Then take a deep dive into the world of EUC risk compliance management with our extensive webinars.

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5 Minutes or Less:
SOX Spreadsheet Management Principles
5 Minutes or Less:
Apparity Version Control Using Fingerprinting

Apparity Short:
Spreadsheets for Christmas

5 Minutes or Less:
The Case of the Missing Number

How Apparity Mitigates SOX Spreadsheet Risk

Apparity Short:
Spreadsheet Management 101

Other Resources

Learn more about end user risk compliance with spreadsheet EUC white papers, case studies and best practice guides in the document library. Head over to the Apparity Blog to see the latest news about spreadsheet/ EUC "uh-ohs" and how you can prevent your organization from becoming another horror story. Check back regularly for new content on how Apparity is helping organizations like yours reduce their EUC risk.


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