Apparity Platform Training

With our tailored platform learning and helpful training material, we will ensure that your employees have the tools for success.


Our team will provide you with the tools for success. Through engaging workshops, informative training sessions, and useful documentation, you will learn how to use the Apparity and also the best way to manage your EUC applications.


Policy workshops are an important part in the implementation process. In these sessions, we analyze the current state of your EUC environment. Then we collaborate and devise a plan on how to achieve your success goals. Typical workshops include:

  • EUC Integrity Review and Remediation Analysis
  • EUC Governance and Control Policy Overview and Alignment
  • Apparity Functional and Technical Design Definition
  • End User Acceptance and Adoption Strategy


Given our nature of care and drive to help you achieve your success goals, we will create customized documents to support your design and configuration. The Functional Design Document and the Technical Design Document are two essential components that define and drive the configuration, infrastructure, training, and go-live phases.