Spreadsheet & EUC Documents

Learn about end user computing risk mitigation by reading our spreadsheet & EUC documents— white papers, case studies and best practice guides.

Spreadsheet EUC Documents

Read case studies that cover how Apparity helps organizations meet their spreadsheet and end user computing (EUC) governance and risk compliance needs. Download the best practice guidelines to gain insight from our spreadsheet and EUC risk compliance experts. You’ll also find white papers authored by independent market research analysts on Apparity and EUC risk compliance software.

Other Resources

Watch in-depth recorded webinars and 5 minute videos about end-user computing risk management from the experts at Apparity. Head over to the Apparity Blog to see the latest news about spreadsheet/ EUC “uh-ohs” and how you can prevent your organization from becoming another horror story. Check back regularly for new content on how Apparity is helping organizations like yours reduce their EUC risk.


Get started with our 5 minute videos for a high-level view of the problems spreadsheets and end-user computing applications cause for organizations.


Read the latest news & insights from Apparity’s spreadsheet EUC risk management experts and learn how to protect your organization from becoming another horror story.