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Spreadsheets are perhaps the most pervasive type of end user computing (EUC) application within companies today. They enable critical company processes from Financial Reporting to key investment decisions. Effectively managing the risk spreadsheets bring to the business is a top priority for regulators today and should be part of every company’s risk management program. This spreadsheet risk management policy guide provides a strong starting point for enabling the key aspects of a spreadsheet management program specifically, the identification, inventory, and control of all high risk spreadsheets.

Managing critical spreadsheets may seem daunting, but your organization can be successful with the right people, process and technology. Find your champions within senior management and get them on board. Define the roles, responsibilities, and processes associated with the spreadsheets in your organization. Lastly, find a solution that will support your process by increasing efficiency, strengthening controls, automating workflows and reducing user burden.

Note: The Best Practice Policy Guide is not designed to promote the Apparity solution, but rather it sets out to make clear, based on Apparity’s many years of policy implementation experience, the basics of a spreadsheet risk management policy with real world examples of the kind of controls and evidence that auditors will be looking for.

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