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Registration Module

Take control of your most important spreadsheets and other end user computing (EUC) applications with the Registration module for proven and consistent file monitoring.


Apparity’s Registration module helps organizations take control of their most sensitive spreadsheets and EUCs.

Apparity works with each organization to create customized assessment forms that capture key information about spreadsheet and EUC use. When end users register critical files, Registration collects important information such as business use, processes supported (financial close, regulatory reporting, etc), and existing controls for specific files. Then it keeps all registered files in a single inventory location for easy management.

As a result, all your critical files are centralized, which makes it easier to monitor for management and compliance.

Assessing Risk

Apparity’s Registration process serves as the perfect means for an organization-specific risk assessment. The registration form is filled out by a user while registering a file, and it weighs variables, such as the file purpose, relevant regulations and report visibility. Then, it assesses how much risk the file presents to the organization.

EUC and spreadsheet controls policies tend to vary by organization. However, it is typical to place stricter controls on riskier files. In order to be successful, these controls must be followed and documented. For that reason, the Apparity Active Management module can be used with Registration to place file controls and automate documentation.

Spreadsheet EUC Registration Module - Wizard Mode


To cater to your organization’s specific needs, Apparity offers a personalized assessment and registration form. This also includes a wizard mode, collapsible sections, and Save as Draft features. When crafted, this degree of specification allows organizations to guide their users with relevant and accurate information. While at the same time, it ensures that the product is aligned with your internal policies and processes.


Apparity keeps all registered files in a centralized location, the Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS), for consistent monitoring and convenience. For optimal use, it is easily accessed through a web interface and intuitively displayed for end users. Within AIMS, a user can see the current state of the registered EUCs and a full history of file modifications. There is also an export feature that can extract inventory listings and file details.

Spreadsheet EUC Registration Module - Inventory Management System

Central EUC Inventory

With other risk management software, inventory management is a siloed function in which discovery data has to be manually imported into inventory. Unlike competitors, Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) is integrated into our entire product suite and provides the ability to manage all your spreadsheet and EUC inventory regardless of stage (discovered, registered, managed).

See Registration in Action

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