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End User Computing Policy Guide

Need an example to create or update an end user computing policy? Download this free End User Computing Policy Guide to get started.

Do you need an example end user computing policy? Organizations looking to update their existing end user controls or are having to implement an EUC policy for the first time often have few internal resources or subject matter experts to help. To that end, Apparity has developed this Best Practice Guide to provide an example with proven methods for creating an effective EUC policy.

This guide is based off Apparity’s unique experience working with organizations to help design and implement EUC internal controls across regulatory frameworks, including SOX, SR 11-7, DFAST, Solvency II, BCBS 239 and more recently GDPR. The guide covers all EUCs, but at times refers to Excel spreadsheets and Access databases specifically. These are the most widely used EUCs in the corporate environment due to heavy reliance on Microsoft Office and the ease, utility, and power these software products provide.

Managing critical EUCs may seem daunting, but your organization can be successful with the right people, process and technology. Find your champions within senior management and get them on board. Define the roles, responsibilities, and processes associated with the EUCs in your organization. Lastly, find a solution that will support your process by increasing efficiency, strengthening controls, automating workflows and reducing user burden.

Download End User Computing Policy Guide

End User Computing Policy Guide

This guide provides an easy to understand introduction to the basics of an EUC policy and best practices.