EUC Policy Overview

Need to create or update an end-user computing policy? Download the free EUC Policy Best Practice Guide to help your organization get started.

The majority of all highly regulated companies who are tasked with either updating their existing End-User Computing (EUC) controls or are having to implement a credible and robust EUC framework for the first time typically have very little internal resource or expertise that they can leverage to get the job done. As a result, Apparity recognizes that organizations can benefit from some impartial advice and guidance based on our many years of advising, designing and implementing industry-specific best practice solutions. To that end, we have developed a Best Practice Policy Guide designed to provide you with proven methods for creating an effective end-user computing policy.

Download Free End-User Computing Policy Guide

Download Free EUCA Policy Guide

This guide provides an easy to understand introduction to the basics of EUCA management policy and best practices. The guidance contained within this document can assist those tasked with EUCA management with crafting and implementation of policy using best practices observed by other organizations.


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