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Apparity Named InsuranceERM’s 2023 End-User Computing Risk Management Solution of the Year

March 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Apparity has been named the End-User Computing Risk Management Solution of the Year by InsuranceERM for 2023. This award recognizes our commitment to product innovation and customer prioritization in the development of our end-user computing risk management solution.

About InsuranceERM

InsuranceERM is a leading insurance risk management and regulatory news outlet. It offers extensive analysis, insightful commentary, and up-to-date news on the most critical risk management and regulatory challenges facing the insurance industry. The platform serves as a valuable resource for insurance professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest developments in the sector, including emerging risks, regulatory changes, and best practices for risk management.

About Our Award

InsuranceERM’s end-user computing (EUC) risk management solution of the year award recognizes a software provider that has demonstrated excellence in creating solutions to manage the risks associated with EUC applications. The award is given to a company that has shown innovation in addressing the challenges of identifying and mitigating risks in end-user applications such as spreadsheets, databases, and programming languages. The winner of the award is chosen based on their ability to provide a comprehensive solution that automates the EUC lifecycle and prioritizes customer needs, while also being able to meet specific regulatory requirements.

IERM Award

We are proud to receive this recognition for our solution’s ability to automate the EUC lifecycle, enabling insurers to manage applications and models and minimize the risk of user changes affecting critical business processes. Our solution can be customized to meet specific regulatory requirements, such as Solvency II and BaFIN’s VAIT regulation.

Our customer-centric approach has led to positive feedback from our users, and we have had a 100% customer retention rate over the previous two years. We continually respond to regulatory trends and customer feedback while adding robust controls for new file types as they become prevalent for insurers.

Choose Apparity

In conclusion, we are honored to receive this award, and we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions to our clients to help them manage their end-user computing risks effectively.

Leading organizations worldwide rely on our innovative platform to reduce regulatory risk and manual labor. Our software automates the complete lifecycle of End User Computing (EUC) applications, including spreadsheets, databases, programming languages, and other tools.

We invite you to read the press release announcing our award and to learn more about how Apparity’s end-user computing risk management solution can help your organization minimize risk and increase efficiency.

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Apparity provides the smartest platform for banks and insurers looking to efficiently manage mission-critical end user computing application risk. Apparity helps control the entire lifecycle of applications like spreadsheets, databases and scripts.

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