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G2 Winter 2023 Report: Apparity Awarded 4 G2 Badges

January 13, 2023

For the second quarter in a row, Apparity is thrilled to announce our recognition in G2’s Winter 2023 Report as a High Performer and Best Support in the Data Governance and IT Risk Management categories. 

We are humbled by this honor and appreciative of our customers for their unwavering support and confidence in our services.

Certainly, we remain committed to delivering the best technology and customer service to our clients.

Apparity G2 User Ratings


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About G2 

Over 60 million annual visitors trust G2, the largest community review platform and technology marketplace, to read and write reviews on over 100,000 software products.

G2 guarantees the authenticity of its reviews by rigorously verifying that only 100% accurate information is presented.

Additionally, G2 publishes quarterly reports ranking software according to user ratings and social data. Therefore, these reports provide valuable information to both users and businesses looking to make a software purchase.

About Our Awards


High Performer 

The High Performer Badge is an award given to companies that demonstrate high levels of customer satisfaction and market presence in their specific categories.

As a result, this badge is a testament to our exceptional product and unparalleled customer experience.


Best Support

G2 awards the Best Support Badge to only one company in each category. The badge is given to products that have received top scores in areas such as helpfulness, response time, and satisfaction with support.

For the past two quarters, Apparity has earned the Best Support Badge in two categories: Data Governance and IT Risk Management.

Our customers have recognized the value of the relationship we have built with them and we are proud of this achievement.


See What Apparity Users Are Saying

As a business user I am pleasantly surprised that this tool exists to fill a critical gap in control functionality when in comes to EUCs and EUC management. My experience with Apparity has been outstanding.”

User in Financial Services

“Apparity helps us in compliance and governance functions around EUCs. The software makes it easier to achieve version control, audit trails/logs, inventory maintenance, new EUC discovery, and generate reports evidencing all the above.”

User in Financial Services

Apparity is top notch software that allows you to expand your scope into EUC risk to more accurately and efficiently use resources to reduce overall EUC risk.”

User in Banking

“The stand-out feature for Apparity is their ability to filter “noise” (and to let you define what you consider to be noise) in the change logs. This feature makes it stand out among its competitors. In addition, the customer support has been fantastic, going above and beyond a traditional vendor experience to ensure a seamless deployment and operational phase.

John S.

Senior eGRC Technical Analyst

Choose Apparity

In conclusion, Apparity offers an effective solution for managing EUC risk with unparalleled customer support.

Our innovative platform is relied upon by leading organizations worldwide to minimize regulatory risk and manual labor. Our software automates the full lifecycle of End User Computing (EUC) applications, such as spreadsheets, databases, programming languages, and more.

We invite you to visit the Apparity G2 page to read customer reviews and request a free demo.

Lastly, for those already using Apparity, we would appreciate it if you could share your experience by writing a review on G2. This will help us keep enhancing our technology and services.

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Apparity Staff

Apparity provides the smartest platform for banks and insurers looking to efficiently manage mission-critical end user computing application risk. Apparity helps control the entire lifecycle of applications like spreadsheets, databases and scripts.

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