The Apparity GRC Integration Bridge expands a company’s ability to identify the inherent risk associated with EUCAs and to link the issues, management and controls associated with their inherent risk into the organizations GRC application and strategy. Apparity provides organizations with the ability to identify, monitor and assess the inherent risk associated with their high-risk spreadsheets and to update any GRC application with the data, key events and controls required to manage that risk.

For the first time, internal control or internal audit groups can now proactively find the spreadsheets that present a risk to the organization before they actually become an expensive liability. Once found and inventoried, the GRC application can then categorize them based on the regulatory frameworks and mandates that they are associated with, such as Sarbanes-Oxley or Dodd-Frank. By integrating all that it finds directly into your GRC application, Apparity ensures that your GRC system can now provide an ‘Intelligent View’ into your spreadsheet risk – allowing you to identify and track issues as well as ensuring that the correct controls are implemented.

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