When an organization is tasked with analyzing their Spreadsheet population or more broadly, their End User Computing Application (EUCA) environment, it is crucial that they have the tools to thoroughly review and document information about these EUCAs.

Apparity’s Registration module helps organizations satisfy EUCA inventory management requirements in a number of ways: Apparity Registration helps you collect information about business use, existing processes and existing controls on specific Spreadsheets and other EUCAs thus allowing you to focus efforts and scrutiny on potentially business critical EUCAs based on their usage.


Apparity works with each organization to compile customized questionnaires to gather information about Spreadsheet and EUCA use. These fields give value to reporting and can help feed a larger assessment of business criticality. Registration information not only helps an organization achieve certain policy goals, it also provides a more comprehensive picture of the spreadsheet and EUCA landscape. Apparity Registration uses customized forms and algorithms to rate and classify business criticality of an EUCA.

Typically, determining the mission criticality of a spreadsheet or EUCA includes an assessment of the file’s impact on the organization and risk. Apparity’s customizable registration forms serve as a perfect platform for an organization specific risk assessment, which weighs considerations like the file purpose, relevant regulations, report visibility and performs a more comprehensive assessment of how much risk the file presents to the organization. This can be used in conjunction with the structural complexity, assessed during Discovery, to combine both complexity and business purpose concerns in a single assessment. Apparity Registration helps you and your end users document the controls around spreadsheets and EUCAs and keep information up to date.


EUCA and Spreadsheet controls policies vary by organization, but it is typical to subject more rigorous controls for the subset of EUCAs that pose the greatest risk. It is important that these controls be fulfilled and documented, and Apparity Registration provides a central location for controls documentation. The Apparity Active Management module can be used in conjunction with Registration to achieve controls fulfillment, as well as automated controls documentation.

Apparity Registration gives you tools to export and monitor data for your compliance processes Registration information, which is displayed in the “Registered/Managed Inventory” of the Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS), and is intuitively displayed for compliance personnel. Within AIMS, a user can see the current state of the registration and a full history of the modifications made to the inventory record. In the event that the information needs to be used outside of AIMS for distribution, reporting, or analysis, Apparity allows a full export of Registration details. Apparity Registration streamlines the information collection process from the end user.

To keep your inventory and EUCA assessments accurate and up to date, it is very important to be cognizant of the end user’s mental model and guide the user through the process of answering questions relevant to your EUCA policy. Apparity offers a customizable assessment and registration form with a wizard mode, collapsible sections and ‘save as draft’ features. Customers can even include detailed context sensitive help. These features allow organizations to guide their users with relevant and accurate information.

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