Active Management

The Apparity Active Management module provides an organization with enterprise-wide tools that apply automated controls to Spreadsheets and Access Databases with minimal effort on the part of the end user and provide the user with valuable tools to minimize spreadsheet risk within an organization. The Active Management module integrates seamlessly with the Registration and Discovery modules to provide a single unified view of controlled Spreadsheet and Access Database based EUCAs. The Active Management module was built to securely manage/organize files and content changes, effectively facilitating and enhancing business processes across an organization.


The deployment of the Apparity solution within an organization ensures that managed Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are consistently and securely monitored. Once a file is connected to Active Management, Apparity maintains a robust Version History that allows users to compare various time points to view significant changes to the file. These changes can be submitted to an approver through an approval workflow that satisfies controls related to change management and mandatory reviews. Through the Active Management module, Apparity offers the following features:

Reporting & Analytics

The Apparity Reporting & Analytics Dashboard provides critical regulatory and operational reports in an intuitive browser environment. Managers, auditors and internal controllers can access real-time data across all the key areas of spreadsheet management: access/modification control, version control and change management control. Reports also assist in monitoring the mandatory review and approval cycles associated with optimal EUCA management.

Excel Version History Tools

The robust Excel Version History pane not only facilitates a review workflow, as stated above. It also provides a number of user tools to make file maintenance easier for the user. Initially, it supports custom commentary associated with each modification (along with the standard date, time and user information).


Secondly, it allows for the export of historical versions for reporting, evidence or distribution purposes. Thirdly, it facilitates the rollback of a file to a previous modification in the event of an error. Lastly, it gives the user the ability to perform an “in-session compare” so that they can analyze the work they have done in the file during a given session for review prior to save/close.

Integrity Check

Apparity allows users to analyze the errors within a spreadsheet, whether managed by Apparity or not, by using Apparity Integrity Check in the Excel add-in. Integrity Check finds Excel errors in the file (like null values, cell errors, inconsistent formulas, etc.) and reports error percentage by workbook and worksheet. A comprehensive list of errors, sorted by configurable error severity, allows a user to find the errors and correct them.

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