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SaaS is Safe! Why You Should Trust The Cloud

December 21, 2021

As individuals, we are constantly interacting with SaaS, Software as a Service, or software hosted in the cloud. From email and social media, to storing data and paying friends, we use the cloud to live our lives to the fullest. Large organizations have always been hesitant to embrace the cloud for their own processes, due to security and a generally cautious approach to adopting new technology. However, things are changing in the enterprise landscape and we want to let you know why that’s a good thing.

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The number of organizations today without a footprint in one of the large cloud providers is very rare and, quite rapidly, dwindling to zero. Consequently, the repositories where organizations store spreadsheets or data has moved to the cloud with tools like OneDrive and Office 365. Furthermore, many organizations leverage desktops in the cloud using Windows 365.

If an organization has not moved the majority of workloads from their in-house data center to a cloud provider, they will most likely do so within a year or two. Similarly, organizations today are trying to leverage the ease of maintenance, scalability, and predictability of cloud-based infrastructure and services. In conclusion, the could provides organizations with increased security.

Yes, you read that right. Running products in the cloud increases security in many ways.

Not convinced? Let’s look into some of the reasons cloud products can make your organization more secure:

1. Cloud providers dedicate nation-sized budgets to security

If there is one thing that can make or break a cloud provider, it is security. Consequently, cloud providers invest heavily in security infrastructure, attack detection, data theft prevention, and other research. Therefore, this dedication keeps them on the cutting edge of new ideas, threats, and improvements.

Apparity leverages these hardened environments to ensure that industry-standard protections are in place for all data. Above all, Apparity Cloud includes the latest patterns in terms of security and uses the extensive security tools and frameworks provided.

2. Cloud environments allow for continuous patching and protection

Using a public cloud provider ensures that industry best practices are continuously followed. Therefore, all software and hardware are constantly updated and patched to block the ever-evolving security attacks.

It can be difficult for companies of any size to keep everything up-to-date given that many of their systems have evolved from legacy and are wide and varied. Most importantly, homogeneity and consistency in cloud systems allow for consistent upkeep and patching.

For example, consider the implications of the recent Log4j vulnerability. A common software used for logging, the discovery of such a critical and widespread vulnerability meant countless software companies, in both enterprise and cloud environments, had to upgrade the Log4j component very quickly. With an enterprise software, that means coordinating with busy server administrators and booking time for patching/testing/etc. With SaaS, it can happen seamlessly without reaching out to individual customers and scheduling time with server administrators.

Consequently, you can be assured that the software running Apparity Cloud and handling your data is automatically updated to guard against the latest vulnerabilities and threats. As a result, you do not have to worry about scheduling update or patching cycles in your environment.

3. The cloud offers resilience to attacks and data loss

Cloud providers have defenses at every layer, making attacks more difficult since multiple barriers have to be breached. These layered defenses come with inbuilt monitoring and threat detection which make it easy to detect attacks at the first layer. Therefore, these defenses prevent further breaching and downtime.

In many cases, data loss can be as devastating as data theft or data compromise. Consequently, Apparity ensures that data is replicated securely for recovery, ensuring that your business continues with minimal disruption. Apparity Cloud uses AI-based threat detection and prevention to ensure data is protected at all times. Above all, attacks are detected early enough to prevent serious damage.

4. Robust and continuous regulatory compliance keeps cloud providers in check

Most cloud providers have to follow national and international standards in terms of how they protect data and remain compliant. Therefore, large cloud providers have invested heavily in ensuring they comply with numerous regulatory frameworks. Critically, cloud providers must ensure continuous compliance and pass multiple periodic audits to ensure they remain compliant.

Consequently, Apparity Cloud draws on that compliance to ensure security. With Apparity Cloud, you can be assured that your critical data is always stored and handled using the compliance standards defined for your country/region.

5. Cloud provider prevalence makes for easier security reviews to ensure your standards are met

It can be very difficult for a security group to review an in-house data center or a product to ensure it meets all standards.

On the contrary, a security and data compliance department can easily review Apparity Cloud and ensure it uses all the best practices applicable. Therefore, teams can make certain that organization standards are easily met and sustained. With Apparity Cloud, automated tooling is used to guarantee that all safeguards are in place.

It is likely that your organization has standardized the security requirements for the public cloud providers that Apparity uses.

So what does all this mean?

Ultimately, SaaS is safe. Moreover, the power and ease of maintenance offered by the cloud is compelling and should not be dismissed for perceived security reasons. SaaS providers are aware of the need to take a robust and unrelenting approach to ensuring the security of their software, which is something we all benefit from.

Curious to learn how the Apparity Cloud product is taking advantage? We’re using the power of the cloud to create a flexible Inventory of Anything (IoA), facilitate risk assessments and workflow. With Apparity Cloud, you can get new features delivered seamlessly without scheduling upgrades or bothering server administrators.

We’re building a stronger, better and more sustainable Apparity. Sign up for more information below.

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