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Quick Launch an EUC Program & Unburden IT

October 12, 2021

You’ve been given the daunting task of setting up your organization’s end user computing (EUC) application policy. After much research, you’ve painstakingly crafted the EUC policy, revising your draft twenty-odd times. You’ve also:

  • Defined internal processes for tracking EUC policy adherence
  • Educated end-users and solicited their engagement
  • Found software that will help automate the discovery, inventory and control of EUCs

You’ve accomplished so much, but the work isn’t over.

Next, you have to negotiate with various internal teams to allocate resources and coordinate the setup of the software. You also must figure out who will help support ongoing maintenance. Not only is your budget impacted by this additional work, but so is your time.

The process for raising requests and getting approval is going to add weeks, if not months, to your project. We’ve seen the frustration this causes.

Luckily, Apparity is offering a better way with the Apparity Cloud.

Apparity Cloud allows you to deploy a world-class solution without requiring the assistance of your IT team. No need for server provisioning, server administrators, nor additional tech budget. The IT team will benefit by being able to reallocate those resources to the many other initiatives they have to support.

All it takes is signing up with Apparity to get access to your own environment in a matter of minutes.

Enterprise DNA

Most importantly, though, is there’s no loss of functionality with Apparity Cloud over our enterprise, on-premises platform. Apparity Cloud gives users access to the same innovative modules you’ve come to rely on— Discovery, Inventory, and Active Management.

Users will interact with Apparity Cloud through an organization- specific URL that can be accessed through any web browser. They will be able to download Apparity desktop agents for the features engaging with the organization’s file environment.

Pedigree of Innovation

Setting up an environment in the Apparity Could can be done entirely without internal IT.

For those seeking true control, you can also set up your environment independently, without the support of Apparity’s services team. Once the environment is provisioned, you will have all the necessary tools to begin a full self-service configuration and setup.

Of course, Apparity’s hands-on team of dedicated experts are always available to assist. However, our goal with Apparity Cloud is to further empower our users to reduce dependency on resources outside of their control. This makes it the easiest and most resource- efficient way to run an EUC application program to date.

To learn more, speak to your Apparity representative today.

Get started

Apparity Cloud is now available! Click below to get started today.


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