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Apparity Announces All-New Cloud-Based End User Data Governance Platform

Compliance innovator to launch cloud-based, enterprise-class end user data governance solution

ATLANTA, September 28, 2021 – Apparity today announced Apparity Cloud, an all-new cloud-based end user data governance platform. Apparity Cloud offers intelligent ways for organizations to discover, inventory and manage any application file type. Organizations of all sizes will realize value with less IT overhead, faster implementation and greater file inventory flexibility.

Spreadsheets have historically been the backbone of enabling decision-making and financial reporting processes. The adoption of new supporting tools and programming languages requires organizations to future-proof how these critical files are managed. Companies seek to achieve this seamlessly, at scale and speed, while new regulatory mandates continue to be introduced around the world.

“We are excited to launch this new cloud offering to meet the changing requirements of the market. Apparity Cloud will provide a significantly shorter time to value in mitigating customers’ end user computing risk. Additionally, it allows them to quickly gain the advantages of new features and functions,” said Nick Ferrante, president at Apparity.

“Our customers can instantly harness Apparity’s rapid innovations in end user computing and model risk management without complex upgrade cycles. Customers of all sizes will also be able to leverage Apparity’s cloud-scale algorithms. This will be possible without requiring high maintenance infrastructure,” added Subash Kalbarga, Apparity co-founder and chief technology officer.

Features and benefits of Apparity Cloud include:

  • Flexible Inventory:
    Inventory any file type — from spreadsheets that support financial reporting to models controlled for Model Risk Management programs. Apparity Cloud’s flexible inventory provides a central vault for it all.
  • Self-Service Configuration & Implementation:
    Quickly launch a data governance program without a resource-heavy implementation process.
  • Seamless Upgrades:
    Receive the latest updates automatically without needing to involve the IT department.
  • Enterprise DNA:
    Apparity Cloud was built from the ground up using the best traits from Apparity’s innovative enterprise risk management platform.

Apparity Cloud will be available for global launch starting Q1 2022, with pricing TBD. More details will be announced later. More information about Apparity Cloud can be found at: https://apparity.com/apparity-cloud.

About Apparity

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Apparity provides the smartest platform for banks and insurers looking to efficiently manage mission-critical end user computing application risk. Apparity helps control the entire lifecycle of applications like spreadsheets, databases and scripts.


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