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End-User Computing Industry Trends

May 26, 2022

Discovery ModuleDiscovery ModuleApparity has long realized that a strong end-user computing (EUC) software is only as good as the policy it enables. Policies, like software, must evolve over time to ensure they meet the developing EUC trends, user priorities, and regulatory mandates.

To help companies address both aspects of a strong governance program, we provide a sample EUC policy on our website. Check out our EUC Policy Guide to view the sample EUC policy and best practices.

As the industry evolves, we have updated this policy to reflect the advancing end-user computing landscape. Two of these key EUC trends are outlined below. We have also included callouts to highlight how our software has evolved to meet these new EUC industry trends.

New EUC Application Types

EUCs are no longer synonymous with spreadsheets and databases. Alternate platforms (R, Python, BI tools, and workflow apps) are increasingly under the scope of EUC programs and present unique risks in the space. Therefore, providing a framework for the safe use of these solutions is critical.

EUC Application Types

Compliance programs must define which application types fall under the scope of the EUC program and ensure users follow the proper procedures when creating, maintaining, and controlling. Consequently, education is key. End users will often utilize alternate platforms as a way to ‘de-classify’ something as an EUC. However, they are simply migrating an EUC to a different platform.


Where Software Comes into Play

DiscoverActive Management ModuleDiscovery ModuleApparity has updated software to cater for these new applications types and offers a central hub for EUC management of any file type.

Recent enhancements to support this include:

  • Providing ability to discover any file type: users simply need to type the file extension when setting up a scan.
  • Registration of any file type into the inventory: the inventory is flexible enough to cater for all applications, regardless of platform.
  • Workflows and controls specific to EUC type: different platforms often require unique information to be collected or controls to be applied.

EUC Replacement and Retirement

Regulators want to see comprehensive and accurate inventories. With increased visibility, however, comes increased scrutiny. Companies must now manage inventory size and provide avenues for EUC replacement and retirement.

Specifically, the below key trends and best practices have emerged:

  • Prevent EUC creation: push users to utilize IT-managed platforms instead of creating a net new EUC.
  • EUC Retirement: when EUCs must be created, users should have documented plans to retire or migrate the EUC to an IT-managed platform.
  • Periodic inventory review: end users should consistently review their inventory to ensure EUCs are still needed.

Where Software Comes into Play

Active CaptureApparity’s Active Capture functionality helps capture EUCs at the source. Additionally, our Inventory solution manages EUC retirement/replacement workflows within the inventory.

Active Management ModuleApparity has introduced new Active Capture functionality to:

  • Identify EUCs at the source
  • Provide an avenue for preventing EUC creation
  • Incorporate usage metrics into EUC identification to better target EUCs

Next Steps

Apparity is an expert in helping companies implement and automate controls around their critical end-user computing applications.

Learn how to create or enhance an existing policy to keep up with the EUC industry trends with our Best Practice Guide. You will learn how to identify, inventory, and control all high-risk EUCs.

Above all, wherever you are in your EUC application & model governance lifecycle, we’re here to help.

End User Computing Application Policy Guide

EUC Application Policy Guide

This is an easy to understand introduction to the basics of end user computing application policy and best practices. Take your first step today.


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