The Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) allows an organization to view, manage and export the entire EUCA inventory as needed. Apparity Inventory is comprised of two main types of files: Managed/Registered and Unregistered. The population of these sections – or lack thereof – is dependent upon the Apparity features an organization has chosen to implement.

The Managed/Registered inventory in AIMS catalogues all files under management (Excel Spreadsheet Management, Access Database Management) as well as files that have been Registered. Registration allows an organization to document certain attributes of a file (such as questions pertaining to frequency of use, department alignment, Risk Assessment questions) without putting the file under management (although registered files can always be placed under management after registration, if desired). This inventory allows an organization to view all EUCA assets along with relevant organizational information, which is both useful for the organization in terms of EUCA understanding and useful from an auditing/controls maintenance perspective.

The Unregistered inventory is populated with the results of Discovery that have not been registered or placed under file management. This inventory focuses solely on presenting the results of Discovery scans, listing each file along with its attributes (basic details, sensitive content flags, structural details, formula statistics, etc.). Files that appear to be versions of the same application are grouped using Apparity’s grouping algorithm, allowing users to review the Unregistered inventory more efficiently. AIMS also gives the reviewer tools to group/filter the inventory to focus on the items deemed most relevant, whether that be last modification date or file location, or the presence of macros or sensitive content – the power is in the hands of the reviewer.

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