SOX Spreadsheet Management Technology Has Moved On!

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In 2002, publicly traded companies across all industries were mandated to maintain and evidence SOX compliance. In the mid 2000’s technology vendors began offering solutions that allowed companies to support an internal controls framework that provided enhanced oversight of the many spreadsheets used in the SOX reporting cycles. Companies such as Cimcon and Clusterseven were early stage providers of this much needed, 1st Generation, spreadsheet management technology.

However, over the last few years, regulatory & end user demands have evolved. Regulators now demand accurate, real-time inventories integrated into advanced discovery and risk assessment capabilities. Users, basing their expectations on the technologies that enable their day-to-day lives, no longer accept software that slows them down.

In short, the solutions that companies employ today simply won’t keep both the regulators and the end users happy. And to ensure that Spreadsheet Control Best Practice is effective – you need both the auditors and the users working together across a technology platform that is not only 100% accurate but is purpose built to intelligently track spreadsheet change and seamlessly facilitate change management workflow and reporting. All while enabling your end users – not slowing them down.

As a 2nd Generation spreadsheet management technology, Apparity meets all these requirements with a single stack solution that led Bloor Research Analyst, Philip Howard, to rank Apparity as the global solution leader for End User Computing Management and Control.

Put simply, SOX Spreadsheet Management technology has moved on and Apparity has taken the lead.

Join us for 30 minutes on Thursday, April 30th at 10am EDT and learn how Apparity can transform your ability to align spreadsheet management best practice with your organizations ability to evidence accurate, real time, SOX spreadsheet inventory and control, SOX spreadsheet auditing, and 404 compliant spreadsheet change management reporting.

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