Join Gavin Spencer, Apparity Co-Founder, to learn about increased spreadsheet risk when working remote and how to ensure these critical EUCs remain compliant & secure.

In less than 3 months, 34% of US employees have moved to working from home. A shift that CIOs and IT departments had anticipated would take 5 to 10 years to achieve. Moving forward, it also appears many organizations will now continue to allow their employees to work remotely. In response, IT leaders have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives to support this change. However, the impact of this unprecedented move to remote working has resulted in a resurgence of Shadow IT risk and in particular the risk presented by end user computing applications that support an organizations regulatory financial and accounting processes.

The Solution to Higher Spreadsheet Risk

Last month we presented a webinar that explained why Shadow IT Risk has surged during the shift to working remotely from home. This follow up webinar looks at exactly how the Apparity solution is built to ensure spreadsheet related risk is effectively addressed whether they are being worked on at home or in the office.

The webinar will first briefly review the risks that companies can typically expect as new types of Shadow IT risk emerge, including those which will likely arrive undetected and become rapidly entrenched into your organizations accounting, financial reporting, and modeling cycles. This will be followed by a solution demonstration that shows how Apparity’s unique architecture ensures compliance to EUC policy and procedures whether your workers are operating remotely or, as used to be the case, from the company office.

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