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EUC Discovery Webinar

June 20, 2023

This webinar has concluded.

Join Apparity’s Chris Trammell to learn about the evolution of the EUC discovery process.

EUC discovery software is a type of risk management software that scans for or “discovers” end user computing applications.

However, we should make a subtle, but important change to this definition. Discovery software is designed to “discover files that are highly likely to be EUCs.”

Why is this distinction necessary? Because organizations do not define end user applications purely by their complexity. Just because a spreadsheet, for example, has macros and many formulas, does not mean it should be classified as an EUC.

EUC discovery solutions must expand their focus to include smarter, more efficient ways to engage end users for qualitative inputs. This is especially important as these inputs carry significant weight in assessing the overall scope and risk of an EUC.

Webinar Concluded

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