The Apparity Reporting and Analytics Dashboard provides critical regulatory and operational reports in an intuitive browser environment. Managers, auditors and internal controllers can access real-time data across all the key areas of EUCA management: access/modification control, version control and change management control. Reports also assist in monitoring the mandatory review and approval cycles associated with optimal EUCA management.

The Modification Access Summary Report records a comprehensive list of all users who have modified an Apparity-managed file, along with the details of the last modification made by the user. This report can provide insight into updates regarding a specific EUCA or across a business cycle or company.

The Completed Review History Report shows all EUCAs that completed a review and approval cycle. This report provides insight into the types of changes that were approved for each EUCA as well as the key agents who were engaged throughout the approval cycle.

The Review Exception Summary Report analyzes the state of each EUCA as it relates to the modification and review process. This report provides managers and internal controllers with insight into whether an EUCA is being reviewed and approved in a timely manner, and whether anyone needs to be chased regarding completion of the cycle.

The Inventory Summary Report shows all EUCA files that were onboarded into Apparity. This report gives insight into the number of Apparity-managed EUCAs within the organization and how they are being managed across the enterprise.

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