Apparity Platform

Apparity  transforms spreadsheets and other End User Computer Applications (EUCAs) into TRUSTED AND valuable assets safely and seamlessly.

You can minimize the risk associated with spreadsheets and other EUCAs while maximizing the value of each application with the Apparity platform, allowing you to focus on the future of your business, uninterrupted.


Apparity is a platform with integrated data management services, which serve as the base for the three Apparity modules: Discovery, Registration and Active Management. The common platform offers efficient integration between the modules to unify the events in EUCA lifecycle. This allows an organization to easily identify, assess, register and manage a single file without changing applications or entering duplicate information.

End users interact with Apparity by using a dynamic web interface or, in the case of Excel active management, directly within Excel itself. This enhances the user experience and minimizes the burden of compliance without compromising the accuracy and security of controls. The balance between security and user friendliness allows Apparity to transform EUCAs from a problem into a possibility.


Everyone knows that Spreadsheets and EUCAs play a significant role in daily operations, but most people do not know what they are – or where they are – or how to get a complete picture of the environment. Apparity Discovery addresses this gap by providing a powerful scanning and analysis tool that can inventory the file environment and identify potentially critical EUCAs.


The Registration module in the Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS) allows the organization to bring potentially critical Spreadsheets and other EUCAs into close purview, by capturing critical classification and usage information. This part of the inventory gives an organization comprehensive insight into Spreadsheets/EUCAs that are assessed as critical to business, and helps measure the level of  compliance with end user computing policies and management of Spreadsheet and EUCA risk.

Active Management

Once you identify the spreadsheets or access databases that require continued oversight, you can begin to leverage Apparity File Management. The solution was built to securely manage/organize files and content changes, effectively facilitating and enhancing end user computing processes across an organization. Deployment of the Apparity solution within an organization ensures that managed Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are consistently and securely monitored.

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