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Bloor Research Recognizes Apparity as the Market Leader

Get the detailed analysis and insight you need to make the best spreadsheet management solution choice for your organization.

Why Apparity Scored the Highest of all Vendors for Spreadsheet Management and Governance

The Bloor ‘Bullseye’ positions the highest scoring companies nearest the center. Their position in the sectors of ‘Champion’, ‘Innovator’ and ‘Challenger’ is determined by a benchmark score, which is weighted towards scale, number of customers and their innovation.


Analyst Strengths and Threats for all 8 Participating Vendors

Bloor evaluated the EUCA Management Vendors across five key areas: Architecture, Functionality, Collaboration, GRC and EUCA Inventory.


Market Update and Trends

Understand what the key drivers in the marketplace today are and why Apparity continues to lead the field in innovation, architecture, GRC integration and functional scope.

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