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The Apparity platform is a single, fully integrated enterprise-class application designed to securely monitor and assist with all key significant events that occur in the life-cycle of mission critical end-user applications such as spreadsheets or access databases. Apparity is designed to never interfere with either the end-user experience or end-user application content but rather provide a seamless and 100% accurate view into access, version and change management control.


The Apparity solution provides enterprise wide visibility and collaboration, automated and secure business process automation, end-to-end auditability of all EUCA activity, complete and accurate file tracking and version control as well as comprehensive user access and change monitoring tools. Apparity has offices in New York, Atlanta, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Brad Hammond

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Hammond is the CEO of NetRoadshow, Inc. and Apparity, Inc., both privately held companies. In 1997, he was granted a “No-Action Letter” by the US Securities & Exchange Commission to provide SEC compliant internet media services to the investment banking community. Today, NetRoadshow provides numerous internet services and software to the global investment banking community from offices in New York, Atlanta, Hong Kong and London. Apparity, an enterprise content management platform for End-User Computing, was acquired in 2012 as an additional software offering for the financial community.


Prior to starting NetRoadshow, he was an investment banker first with Morgan Stanley in New York City and later Smith Barney (Citigroup). Before investment banking, Brad spent 12 years in information technology, primarily in Silicon Valley, with Intel and later Amdahl Corporation in business development and management. Brad graduated from Vanderbilt University with a double major in English Literature and Economics.

Nick Ferrante


Nick Ferrante is President of Apparity, a provider of unique technology that transforms End User Computer Applications (EUCAs) into valuable assets safely and seamlessly.  Nick is veteran software executive with extensive experience in global sales leadership, strategic business development and general management.  He has extensive experience and a strong track record in all aspects of technology, including computer hardware, software, applications and professional services. Nick comes to Apparity from Axway where he held the position of Executive Vice President of Global Sales.   Nick has also held executive positions at IBM, Sterling Commerce and other leading technology organizations.


Nick holds a BS degree in Mathematics from Hofstra University.

Gavin Spencer

Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer

Gavin Spencer is Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer and a cofounder of Apparity Inc, where he guides product and implementation strategy; managing and aligning those efforts with marketing and sales.


Gavin brings more than 25 years of senior leadership and technology development to his role at Apparity. During his career, Gavin has served in senior sales and business development roles at global technology companies such as Jacada, Global Software, Optio Software, FormScape and Quality Software Products. He has created transformative deployment methodologies and built global enterprise solutions that streamlined corporate reporting across geographies and currencies. Gavin’s passion is for creating sophisticated technology solutions that deliver complex functionality and significant corporate value but are simple and easy for the end users to operate.


Gavin holds a B.A. in Social Sciences with Honors from Sunderland University in the United Kingdom.

Subash Kalbarga

Chief Technology Officer

Subash Kalbarga is the cofounder and CTO of Apparity Inc., where he guides the development of the technical architecture for Apparity, an innovative solution which provides industry organizations with the ability to manage and control spreadsheet activity, change and processes at the enterprise level.


Subash possesses more than 14 years of experience in conceptualizing new solutions; defining complex architectures; and building engineering teams to implement, deliver and sustain profitable products. Subash has previously held engineering leadership positions at American Megatrends Inc., where he architected high reliability server management systems shipped by major PC companies such as Dell, Sun and IBM. Subash managed a global engineering and support team located in the United States, India and Taiwan.


Subash holds patents and has pending patent applications for inventions in diverse areas such as smartphone and PC interfaces, communications and remote presence systems.


Subash holds a B.S. in Computer Technology from Coimbatore Institute of Technology in India and an M.B.A. from the National Institute of Technology in India.

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