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Competitive Differentiators

End User Computing Controls for Excel Spreadsheets

How is Apparity Different to Legacy Vendors?

Until 2010 the Spreadsheet Management and EUC Controls technology space had been served by software that struggled to meet even the most basic of regulatory frameworks. Over the last 7 years legislation and enforcement on both sides of the Atlantic has exposed the inadequacies and the inaccuracy of the oversight provided by legacy technology.

Today, Apparity is the only company with proven technology that delivers on the promise of tracking every EUC, controlling access at every level, regardless of role and delivering 100% accurate change management through an enterprise class workflow, event management, reporting and analytics system.

Apparity Will Outperform Legacy Technology Every Time

Simply put, if you are already struggling to manage your key spreadsheets or access databases with one of the legacy technologies or you are considering implementing a replacement EUC system – you should look at Apparity. It is because the Apparity technology solution is quick and easy to install that we encourage you to compare us. We are happy to go head to head with any legacy vendor and be measured against any control or performance metric. Your choice, you decide!

Whether we compete against an incumbent technology or in a straight up compare – Apparity will outperform any legacy EUC technology every time.

Zero Cost Transition

Apparity is so confident of its EUC management solution capabilities that we are able to offer programs that boast rapid and painless replacement of legacy EUC systems without any additional cost to your current budget.

Here's Why, Read On:

Change Management Workflow

Regulatory Requirement: Implementing a review and approval processes that today’s regulatory frameworks and auditors demand is a necessary and critical component of any change management solution. Change Management Workflow is required to ensure that the correct changes are reviewed by the designated managers in a timely and robust manner.

Problem: Today change management workflow must sum to more than an open ended email exchange that ultimately relies on the user to ‘do the right thing’ by manually validating that the change report has captured all the significant changes and originates using the last approved version of the spreadsheets under review.

Key Difference to Legacy Vendor Offerings: The Apparity change management workflow is purpose built to support the management hierarchies and approval cycles that typically surround EUC / spreadsheet change management review and approval cycles within a large organization. In order to effectively facilitate the review and approval process, Apparity integrates workflow directly with the change compare report, notifies users of required actions, and tracks and maintains key details and status of each review through the life of the file.

Security Access Controls

Regulatory Requirement: The ability to grant specific individuals access to a spreadsheet(s) based on a set of agreed set of privileges, (i.e. read only, read/write) and roles (User, Manager, Approver etc.).

Problem: Spreadsheets and Databases are stored on shared drives and rely on broad shared drive permissions to regulate access, which cannot be directly managed by users. This causes leakage of sensitive information and unauthorized modifications. To date, legacy spreadsheet management solutions do not offer a way to implement controls that prevent access problems to begin with.

Key Difference to Legacy Vendor Offerings: Apparity provides “Security Access Control” at a per file level, enabling Spreadsheet owners to restrict access (read and write) to a certain set of users based on their roles. This preventative approach to access control ensures information is contained and unauthorized modifications do not take place. The Apparity approach is designed to eliminate the possibility of human error or malicious intent.

File Identification and File Copy Tracking/Versioning Technology

Regulatory Requirement: The ability for an organization to recognize, track and persist every copy, rename, and save made to a managed EUC application, (i.e., spreadsheets, programs, models), regardless of where or how that EUC was copied, renamed or saved to.

Problem: EUC’s are constantly being renamed and copied, which makes them difficult to track and version. In order to achieve this goal, legacy vendors require that managed files abide by a prescribed set of naming conventions and/or folder structures; however, as soon as a file is saved outside of these standards, the management link is broken and the file is no longer under-management.

Key Difference to Legacy Vendor Offerings: Apparity uses unique file identification technologies to track and monitor all versions of any managed file irrespective of the location or naming standard, and without any extra configuration or user effort. This means that Apparity, unlike any other vendor, is able to ensure a complete systematic approach to file tracking and version control – eliminating, for example, the opportunity of losing track of a spreadsheet due to human error or malicious intent.

Significant Change Identification

Regulatory Requirement: The ability for a regulated organization, such as a bank, a utility or any public company to identify and report on cell-level changes made to a spreadsheet that are considered ‘significant’ and must therefore require the review and approval of a designated reviewer before the ‘output’ of that spreadsheet can be considered ‘safe and trustworthy’.

Problem: While legacy change management vendors also provide change reports and change alerts, their approach to change identification is negatively impacted by “Change Noise” (a process where compare results cannot differentiate between non-significant changes [including auto adjusts] and significant changes), thus costing organizations valuable time and effort and of course accuracy during the change review and approval process.

Key Difference to Legacy Vendor Offerings: Apparity’s change tracking algorithm has the ability to deliver a 100% accurate change report that allows users to clearly differentiate between significant change and non-significant change at the cell level, thus filtering out the ‘noise’ from the change report. By filtering out the “noise” Apparity is able to integrate a streamlined review and approval process that ensures guaranteed documentation and sign off protocols.


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