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End User Computing Controls

End User Computing Controls for Excel Spreadsheets

End User Computing Control

Companies continue to use spreadsheets and other end user developed applications, such as Access databases as a fundamental part of their business operations. However these End User Computing applications (EUC’s) are typically poorly governed and as a result key data and information held in the EUC’s can expose companies to financial, regulatory and operational risks. Best practice mandates the development, implementation and maintenance of a control framework that defines the policy and monitoring process; facilitates EUC discovery and assessment, implements rigorous integrity control enforces change management workflow and provides company-wide reporting to ensure policy compliance.

Apparity Impact

Apparity is the only EUC Governance and Controls platform that can scale to the global enterprise. From adherence to unique nation state data protection laws to discovery, risk assessment and inventory - including change management and review/approval and finally analytics and reporting. Only Apparity can provide the workflow required to enable a culture of compliance while delivering a frictionless experience to the user community.

Case In Point, Spreadsheet Management

When an organization deploys the Apparity solution to manage and enforce their EUC (Spreadsheet) Policy and Procedures - the Apparity platform will focus on supporting and maintaining three key areas of End User Computing control:

  • Change Control
  • Version Control
  • Security Access Control
  • The Apparity design allows companies to securely monitor and report on all the significant change events that occur within the life-cycle of any mission critical spreadsheet, without interfering with spreadsheet content or existing office operations. The change management capabilities are in turn supported by a Best in Class Review and Approval Workflow process that leverages existing organizational approval structures and provides management with a real time view into what significant changes have and have not been approved.

    A great example would be the Modification and Review Exception Report. The Modification and Review Exception Report analyzes the state of each spreadsheet as it relates to the current review and approval cycle. Specifically, this report provides managers and internal controls with insight into whether a spreadsheet has been modified within a particular close cycle and if so, whether that spreadsheet has been subject to a Review and Approval Cycle.

    Apparity framework provides one solution for the lifecycle of your spreadsheet content on an enterprise wide level


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