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End User Computing Policies and Procedures

The majority of all highly regulated companies who are tasked with either updating their existing EUC controls or are having to implement a credible and robust EUC framework for the first time typically have very little internal resource or expertize that they can leverage to get the job done. If that is the case with your organization, here is a great place to start? The documentation available below is designed to provide experienced insight to organizations that are looking for more information.

Resource Documentation Available for Download

Introduction to EUC Policy and Best Practice: Provides an easy to understand introduction to the basics of EUC Management Policy and Best Practices. The guidance contained within this document is focused in large part on spreadsheets as they tend to be the first and most challenging type of EUC file type that a company needs to address, though the principles apply to all EUC's.

Real World, End User Computing Policy Document: An example of a finalized End User Policy document designed to brief senior executives and managers on corporate EUC Policy.

Real World,End User Guidelines Document: An example of the guidelines that should be followed by departments that own EUC's, to ensure compliance with the End User Policy statement.

Real World, End User Guidelines Detailed Requirements Document: An example of how policy and guidelines are translated into a detailed set of day to day requirements that the department managers and staff should implement to ensure policy compliance.

Managing High Risk EUC Models, What to Consider: This paper is about EUC technology. It provides a basic grounding in EUC Model Management, detailing the minimum level of controls a company should consider and then what additional advanced requirements are necessary for complex High Risk models.

Note: The documentation available on this resources page is not designed to promote the Apparity solution but rather it sets out to make clear, based on Apparity's many years of policy implementation experience, the basics of EUC management with real world examples of the kind of controls and evidence that auditors will be looking for.

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