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End User Computing Governance and Control For Retail

Apparity framework for retail provides Document Management, Workflow, and  Content Management


Publicly traded retail companies face the two-fold operational and financial reporting challenge of reconciling and consolidating performance data from geographically disperse franchises, outlets and distribution centers while maintaining internal control over financial reporting (ICFR). Most often these business processes are manual and spreadsheet-heavy, yet material to the balance sheet, increasing the risk profile for the organization. Best practice suggests an enterprise spreadsheet policy with adherence to control fundamentals covering Access/Security, Back-ups/Recovery, and Retention/Archiving. Those spreadsheets deemed critical in terms of impact to the organization must also comply with controls that address Development, Documentation, and Change Control.

Apparity Impact

Apparity is the only prescriptive Excel Governance & Controls platform that can scale to both the global operation and finance enterprise of retail companies. From discovery, risk assessment and inventory; to change management and review/approval; and finally, to analytics and reporting, only Apparity can provide the workflow required to enable a culture of compliance while delivering a frictionless experience to the user community.


Apparity Solution Summary

Change Control Workflow

Security Access Control

Reporting Dashboard

Risk Assessment, Discovery

Inventory Management

Spreadsheet Integrity

Competitive Differentiators


End User Computing Controls

SOX Compliant Spreadsheet Processes

Model Risk Management


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