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End User Computing Governance and Control For Banking

Apparity framework for banking provides Record Management, Content Management, and  Workflow

Financial Services

In no other global industry are spreadsheets utilized more than financial services. Regulatory mandates such as Basel III, Solvency II, Dodd-Frank Stress Tests (DFAST), and Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) force financial institutions to evaluate how they manage their unstructured data, and to examine and implement a rigorous control framework. Best practice suggests an enterprise spreadsheet policy with adherence to control fundamentals covering Access/Security, Back-ups/Recovery, and Retention/Archiving. Those spreadsheets deemed critical in terms of impact to the organization must also comply with controls that address Development, Documentation, and Change Control.

Apparity Impact

Apparity is the only prescriptive Excel Governance & Controls platform that can scale to the global banking enterprise. From adherence to unique nation state data protection laws; to discovery, risk assessment and inventory; to change management and review/approval; and finally, to analytics and reporting, only Apparity can provide the workflow required to enable a culture of compliance while delivering a frictionless experience to the user community.

Case in Point: SR 15 – 19, Managing CCAR Related Spreadsheet Models

SR 15 – 19, ‘Federal Reserve Supervisory Assessment of Capital Planning and Positions for Large and Noncomplex Firms’ makes clear that banks must have in place a Risk Management Infrastructure that should be supported by comprehensive policies and procedures, clear and well-established roles and responsibilities, and strong and independent internal controls. This mandate applies to all models used in the Capital Planning Process and in particular all associated EUC’s / Spreadsheets.

The Apparity Platform is purpose built to provide that EUC / Spreadsheet risk management infrastructure. As a bank goes through its periodic planning cycles Apparity validates the correct functioning of the spreadsheet models and monitors for significant change that could materially impact the output provided by the models. It does all this while providing a cast iron access and version control framework that ensures a full and complete inventory of all spreadsheets and all spreadsheet user activity.

Before the planning process begins the Apparity Integrity Audit checks spreadsheets and will identify any errors and issues in the models.

Apparity framework provides one solution for the lifecycle of your spreadsheet content on an enterprise wide level

Once the updates to the planning models are underway the Apparity Change Management workflow process ensures significant change is identified, and automatically sent to the appropriate manager for review and approval. The Apparity reporting and analytics then provides management with an accurate view into each stage of the approval cycle, including which models have been subject to significant change but have not yet been reviewed or approved.

Apparity framework provides one solution for the lifecycle of your spreadsheet content on an enterprise wide level


Apparity Solution Summary

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