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Bloor Research White Paper, Governance For Spreadsheet Models

Bloor credits Apparity with 'Second Mover Advantage'

London, May 2017: Released to coincide with the end of year filings in the US and Europe this new White Paper from Bloor Research takes a fresh look at the EUC (spreadsheet) management technologies available to companies operating in the highly regulated world of public traded corporations, banking, finance and insurance.

Bloor have been writing about spreadsheets and their governance for more than a decade and in that time the market for spreadsheet governance has evolved. This paper looks at that evolution, explains what firms should be focused on today and makes clear that the market now has a vendor with a “second mover advantage”, Apparity.

“From a vendor perspective, what we are now starting to see in this market is “second mover advantage” with newer entrants to the market – such as Apparity – adopting innovative and (more) modern technologies.” Philip Howard, Bloor Research May 2017

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