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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance For End User Applications.

Apparity framework provides one solution for the lifecycle of your spreadsheet content on an enterprise wide level

Single Integrated Solution for the End User Computing Lifecycle

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance For End User Applications. The Apparity platform is a single, fully integrated enterprise class application designed to securely monitor and assist with all key significant events that occur in the life-cycle of mission critical end user applications such as spreadsheets or access databases. Apparity is designed to never interfere with either the end user experience or end user application content but rather provide a seamless and 100% accurate view into access, version and change management control.
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Change Control and Change Management Workflow
Apparity eliminates the curse of ‘False Positives’ found in legacy applications! The Apparity Change Management solution is built to align company policy with the process of identifying, reviewing and approving spreadsheet significant change. It is 100% accurate. The Apparity Change Review cycle is seamlessly integrated into a built for purpose EUC Business Process Review and Approval Workflow process that takes care of ensuring the correct content is sent to the appropriate manager for review and monitors whether review cycles have been started and completed in a timely manner. Click here to understand best in class Change Management Workflow

Security Access Controls
is a unique foundational component of the Apparity technology stack, designed to ensure that every file placed under Apparity management is protected from unauthorized access or update. The capabilities that SAC delivers allow heavily regulated industries to securely maintain libraries of critical financial and operational spreadsheets without risking an accidental or malicious breach of confidential information.
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File Version Control and Tracking
delivers two key properties that provide companies with a cast iron assurance that all file updates and changes will be captured and recorded. First, the ability to track and record all file content change and then identify and report on the key significant change, based on the established company EUC controls policy. Second, the ability to continue tracking and recording all change regardless of the file name or location. This unique functionality ensures that a company no longer has to enforce the unenforceable – mandating that end users always employ a file naming standard.
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Spreadsheet Integrity Management
The Apparity Integrity and Audit functionality performs in-depth analysis and content reviews against complex spreadsheets, allowing for organizations to clearly recognize impact patterns, categorize key weaknesses, data linkage (internal and external) within high risk spreadsheets and spreadsheet related processes. The Apparity Integrity and Audit functionality can operate from a central server or run locally on the end user machine providing companies with the ability to deploy across many thousands of users and user desktops with minimal disruption to their core IT priorities.
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Reporting and Analytics Dashboard
Apparity is a true Enterprise application designed to scale from just a few users to many thousands of users, managing as many spreadsheets, access databases and other EUC’s a company demands. To ensure that an organization retains accurate and real time visibility into how these files and applications are being used and managed, Apparity provides state of the art reporting capabilities that allow managers to ‘slice and dice’ activity and change history based on their companies unique organizational structures.
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Discovery and Risk Assessment
Discovery and Risk Assessment: Apparity’s Discovery Solution is not only a essential component to initiating the EUC management process, but provides invaluable insight through the analysis of EUC complexity and risk across the enterprise. Every spreadsheet / EUC identified within selected shared drive/folder structure is ‘content’ scanned and evaluated for complexity. During the scanning process Apparity leverages an internal based algorithm to remove duplicates and intelligently group related spreadsheets / EUC’s based upon a specific set of criteria important to the business. Once all data has been gathered, users have the ability to view this information in a centralized location, and conduct key analytics against the discovery data.
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Apparity Inventory Management System (AIMS)
AIMS is a core component of the Apparity technology stack, designed to ensure that every spreadsheet, access database or 3rd party application is placed under Apparity management and is risk rated, protected from unauthorized access and monitored for update. The capabilities that AIMS delivers allows heavily regulated industries such as banking, utilities and healthcare to securely maintain libraries of critical financial and operational files and applications without worrying about an accidental or malicious loss, breach or misuse of confidential information. 

AIMS will also risk rate your EUC for you as well – again based on what your organization considers important. The risk categorization function can also be integrated with the Apparity change management technology ensuring that a company can automatically and immediately start monitoring the highest risk spreadsheets for significant change.
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