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Secure Access Control for End User Applications

Apparity framework provides one solution for the lifecycle of your spreadsheet content on an enterprise wide level

Apparity Enterprise Content Management for Spreadsheets (ECMS) implements three types of spreadsheet controls: change management control, version control, and security access control.

Security Access Control (SAC) is a unique foundational component of the Apparity technology stack, designed to ensure that every spreadsheet placed under Apparity management is protected from unauthorized access or update. The capabilities that SAC delivers allows heavily regulated industries such as banking, utilities and healthcare to securely maintain libraries of critical financial and operational spreadsheets without risking an accidental or malicious breach of confidential information.

Establishing Access Controls

Access control permissions are established during the initial Apparity spreadsheet onboarding process. The Onboarding process allows an organization to grant different levels of access rights to specific users depending on the role those users are expected to perform. Apparity ECMS is then able to enforce the permissions whenever any user attempts to access an Apparity managed spreadsheet.

Understanding Access Controls

Apparity establishes a multi-tier permissions structure for every managed spreadsheet. The highest level of permissions, the Administrator level, is capable of assigning, removing, promoting and demoting user access permissions for the spreadsheet. It is the Administrators responsibility to ensure that eligible users are provided with the appropriate level of access. All permission changes are tracked and recorded for internal or external audit review.

  • Administrator           Full Access
  • Modify                       Update Access
  • Read Only                 Read Only Access
  • No Permissions        Access Denied

  • Maintaining Permission

    Throughout the life of a key financial or operational spreadsheet, Apparity allows companies to consistently track and manage user activity ensuring that only the appropriate users are able to access and modify managed spreadsheets. If at anytime Apparity detects that permissions granted through an existing Shared Drive or Rights Management System are not in sync with those imposed by Apparity—the most restrictive permission level will always apply.

    Apparity Security Access Control


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